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Jocko, Evolving Undersea (Jocko, #2) Jerry D. Cooper

Jocko, Evolving Undersea (Jocko, #2)

Jerry D. Cooper

Published November 7th 2013
ISBN : 9781493544721
436 pages
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 About the Book 

In this, the second book of Jocko, Andrew becomes consumed by anger and grief over the loss of Julie, the love of his life. He is so distraught that he ultimately loses concern for preserving his own life and seeks out suicidal danger as a means of releasing pain. Jockos puzzling, agonizing powers continue to evolve without his consent or control, and as a result, he is placed into an unwelcome, uncomfortable, yet inescapable role of aiding the Mariner people who live undersea and are desperately in need of him. Eventually, Jocko and Andrew uncover an incredible, hidden secret that forever bonds them. Like children foolishly at play with atomic weapons, the two unknowingly made a terrible mistake years ago. That act now threatens all self-aware beings on the planet - ruthless, predatory beings are on the way. The human race is completely unaware and unprepared- even Jocko and Andrew scoff at the idea. Unfortunately, they suffer from the Los Angeles Denial... The earthquake IS coming, despite their denial.