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Aarons Hair Robert Munsch

Aarons Hair

Robert Munsch

Published September 1st 2000
ISBN : 9780439192583
32 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Aarons hair gives him problems: it always does exactly the opposite of what he wants it to do. One day, Aaron gets so mad he yells, “Hair! I hate you!” Proving that even bad hair can have hurt feelings, Aaron’s hair jumps off his head and out the door. A hilarious chase follows, as Aaron’s hair runs all over town. It leaves chaos in its wake, attaching itself to different parts of peoples’ bodies, and even to a statue! It causes an enormous traffic jam, all with Aaron in hot pursuit. At the end of the bad hair day, Aaron realizes that he really does like his hair, and the runaway hair forgives him and comes home.